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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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dilapidated and it is for the sole purpose of providing no housing. it's going a create an actual commercial space and will provide housing near the downtown. additionally nearly 50 percent of the units will be two or three bedrooms. it proposes a high quality of design that was vested by the development committee and the project is consistent with the planning code and the general plan overall. >> project sponsor? >> commissioners i'm with mercy you housing. i think this project you probably know about this as much as any project that comes before
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you. we're very fortunate as i probably know the redevelopment agency worked on this project for literally decades. the sixth street was very instrumental and the planning and land staff have intense programs that have a sixth value to a lot of folks. we've done our best to address the retail presence, the ground floor activity ism but to have a respect for the people who ultimately areo live in
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this building. we've had a lot of decisions to make along the way and i think this is as architecturally magnificent building and they'll comment on it in a positive way. when we get to the item i'll happy to speak to the commissioners requests around a plaque and a make people understand what's going on in the building that were we greatly appreciate our support. and i think you want to bring up the project architect? >> good afternoon. commissioners. just going to load up a pdf and walk you through the design.
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good afternoon, commissioners. we're first of all, truly honored to be involved in this project. it's a fantastic project and so
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that's been a delight working with the staff. when we first started working on this project we started working think the design. the uses of the street and the texture and the richness of the fabric that's there. viewing sixth street facing south along the hotel and on the left looking north along the street. it's a vibrant place and it's one of the 345eshg9 features and the mix of building heats we've mapped it out vigorously and this is an imagine of the street marked no dark blue on the
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middle right but the two prominent sites is the ground floor arbitrate. the other is the mix of building heights it goes up and down. and with a lot of the that 2rib9 buildings being masonry. so those impacts of the affordable housing the vibrant mixes of uses arresting and the diversity of the fabrics. starting with the actual ground floor this is an incredibly wonderful impact. we have retail space that wraps around sixth street. we tried to anytime misses and we're trying to work hard and minimizing our gap in the streets.
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but the rest is retail frontage. we've worked with the leasing staff to make sure that is viable. at the corner it's a full height space up to 20 feet. that's a real fantastic designation plays. where the label says community room it's a lobby. so that's for the community entering the use by the public. on the outside of the believe we've basically looking at the nature of the fabric and weeping we've going to follow suit one mass which is taller on the
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corner of howard street and internal it has 2 to 3 bedrooms units. this is more articulated it has studios and on top of this is the roof garden. i'm trying to reconcile the demands of the neighborhood. this is showing from the oops corner which is the proposed project. you see the double heat of the project wrapping around sixth street it's shorter on sixth because we have a roof-deck and it's fantastic the sceney. this is back to the store front. you see the rooftop on top.
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the eastern neighborhood does have a robust space for open space speaker we're meeting the requirement in terms of open space so you see some of the balconies. and this is showing the retail frontage up close with a 20 edge on the corner down sixth street. this is the rib on landscape improvements long howard. the liveable is key those are rigorously laid out. starting with the corridor in the this and it has daylight in the end and rooms for exercise
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and laundry. i can see where the balconies are laid out on the left. so there's a good variety. on the right side you see the 9th floor deck. a community gardens and barbecue and gathering spaces as well looks toward the east. the view coming down howard you see the big 5 story opening and that's where it releases inside the building that's where the xrerg rooms are. the skin is we've had the opportunity to work with brick
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before and that's within the district. we're inspired by a lot of the brick building. so the image on the right shows up close it's contemporary. that's the presentation. thank you >> thank you. opening it up for public comment. ross brown. (calling names) in any order if you're ready. >> if your name's been called step up to the podium. >> all right. thank you. i'm the director of housing
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services for the art of the san francisco. we're the agency that will be providing services to the 14 units that are dedicated to the persons of disabilities. i want to give my support to the entire project. plus for disabled folks in prospective we found housing for two persons. so through fourteen units barely scratches the surface but your facility is four blocks away so it's an important step forward to cleaning up the area. so thank you
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm kevin this project will open the doors to the clients and the neighborhood will be more safrl. i've. here all my life and this project the clients can't afford housing in this city at all. they'll have a new life and it will be safer and i really, really will appreciate if you approve this sponsor. thank you >> any other speakers i've called or haven't call? okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner. >> thank you. i really appreciate this is very careful designed. it sounds like a terrific
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project. but i wonder if any thought had been given to since this is an existing building would it be a contributor but maybe mr. shoe smaeshg can answer the question. could this be sold to someone who could preserve it and maybe buying a lot to put the project close? >> i don't know of any such conversation. i think the redevelopment agency went through a battle on eminent domain on this project that were honestly even though he was at the mayor's office i think that because of the express use of eminent domain on the project i know that mercy tried to buy the
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property from the previous owner. and it seems to me that because of the eminent domain was only the intent to put affordable housing on that site >> whether that's the legal strategy of eminent domain i don't know if it was every considered. >> thank you. >> commissioner. >> i think it's the right project at the right place at the right the time time. almost 40 years of not having to see the building anymore and it's not the place to talk about eminent domain i think it's a wise move and i to approve
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>> second. >> i don't know. i kind of like what richard is thinking of using it for eminent domain. >> i haven't heard on foreclosed properties? again, i'm to pursue this display empties. the planning staff and i had a back and forth on the location. and i understand it would be in the community room that were, however, having had one experience in which we designed an exhibit which was then placed in the lobby of an affordable housing project and having gone and seen it a number of years is is in the lobby not in a
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community room. the exhibit that was designed to be in a display case was not there. the design for what was on - which was specifically aimed at defineable sculptures which was part of the project that was demolished the sculptures were saved and that's so far as i can tell assessable. so i was thinking that perhaps the project sponsor could give some consideration to having it on the exterior or turning that concrete section on howard street into the exhibit.
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i'm not suggesting that it be done but if it's possible to think about it a little bit more as an alternative location that's all i'm asking >> mr. schumacher you know what i'm talking about. you i must admit i think it's a bit overwhelming but i think we'll be happy to put something on the outside of the building notifying people that there is somebody in the lobby and if you walk by it's got this exhibit inside would that be okay >> that would be great. >> we'd be happy to do that. >> and i think there's possibly
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some - what did you call on the outside of the building? aren't they penetrating that wall but if you could pit something saying there's an exhibit of some kind. nobody knows that things are there so if you could do something like that that would be great >> would you mind coming up sir, one more time. i want to voice to you my strong support for a smaller scale retail. i'd like to see smaller retail with elevator. and as we are in a suppressed environment i he that food
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services like subway are not the only choice but we're thinking about healthy food supplies my availability of something reasonable in this area. there was another project like housing there was a large space that was immediately occupied by subway. it doesn't mean that the smaller subway was the only choice but i'd like to see some variety. you have enough exercise to guide it through having a larger possibility of retailers attracted to this site >> i think we will commissioners have multiple retailers. we do aim for healthy china's choices when we get there.
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we're working with nonprofits to see who would be a good ground floor service for that. and have the most difficult to lease commercial space i've ever seen and at this point we are 1 hundred percent marketable and in itself tenderloin we don't have - well, i don't think anybody is about to offer us a space on the rate >> if i could add to point out that one of the triggers for the project is having a restaurants space in the family use district but it's not a formula retail use so down the road it was was
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a request to occupy that space it would have to have another usage. >> there's a motion on the floor to approve the promise that conditions. you don't i do not hear that your last remarks were added as language >> no they were only informational. >> on that motion to adopt the sequa finding and a do we need to add the language. >> and to a approve with conditions as corrected by staff. on that motion (calling names) so move forward commissioners that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. zoning administrator what say
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you >> to request the modification noting to the sequa finding and they'll be a puny hearing on that and to contact mr. t. >> commissioners if there's nothing further let's move on to item 13. at 531 castro street request for authorization
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>> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the planning commission. planning staff presenting the 531 castle street. the patio restaurants and cafe. the project sponsor proposes pursuant to planning sowed 86.1 to allow the patio for the legitimization for the
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previously proposed ordinance to divide within 3 divisions. the 3 vacant retail spaces are located behind the building entrance that leads to the restaurants. at the patio restaurants and cafe part of the 3 vacant retail spaces under 2005 building permit and currently proposes to expand into the remanding area of the 3 vacant retail spaces. as a result of the expansion the 3 retail spaces the proposed horrify the floor area of the restaurants will be increasedful from 51 secret to 5844 skreej. the patio restaurants and cafe is not a formula retail use but
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an dpil owned business for the local neighborhoods. and will create approximately thirty jobs. proposed pronunciation hours will be from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and the outside bar will be from 11:00 a.m. to 12 clock and it will be devoted to take anti diane. this conditional use and, you know, involves two previous building permits you don't think one in 1992 and the second one in 2005. the 1992 building permit
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approved the restaurants expansion including legalizing the rear outdoors sitting areas with a retradable glass sky light roof. the area approved was about 21 hundred square feet. and there's also a notice of special restriction attached to the 1992 permit that provided for any further expansion of the restaurants or any further expansion of the restaurants pursuant to the planning code. and then in 2005 the subject property owner filed another permit to renovate the
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restaurants including exoneration into 3 of the retail spaces to establish a bar. that application was inadvertently approved by the department in error. that permit would have required a condition use for the expansion based on the 1992. so currently the sponsor proposes to legalize the expansion under the 2005 permit and to further expansion to the remanding area of the retail spaces. and planning code compliance has in had a draft motion explained why a current unit to deemed a
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non-conforming - the patio restaurants and cafe was established in the 1960s and in 1987 when the controls took effect which prohibits a non-residential used for 4 thousand square feet and above it's only 51 thousand square feet. and for further expansion, of course, under the planning section is 86.1 will require another conditional use to allow the expansion. the hours of operation are
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principally permitted under the code off street parking on the planning code section 151 the restaurants t is not required to provide any off street parking. we sent the letters - the neighbors sent 3 letters of concern to the neighbors it included the size of the restaurants and the noise from the outdoor seating
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